State ResponsesWe posted some of the early State response letters. Add yours today!

Massachusetts - May 5, 2004

California - February 2, 2004

Arizona - December 31, 2003

Delaware - December 8, 2003

Virginia - December 3, 2003

New Hampshire - November 24, 2003

Delaware - November 21, 2003

California - October 22, 2003

Connecticut - September 17, 2003

Utah - June 2, 2003

Alright, reporting a LitterButt makes you feel like you've done something good -- but many have made the comment that their reporting won't do much good.

You're WRONG!

My mantra is that one person can change the World and I believe in it...

One person who has made a difference is Eric from Utah. Although I don't know how Eric found this site, he reported a LitterButt from Utah and the site fired off a letter to Governor Leavitt regarding the offense and the problem of highway litter in general (more specifically cigarette litter!)

The Governor forwarded the complaint to the Superintendent of the Utah Highway Patrol, Colonel Scott Duncan ... and here is his response:

I received a copy of the E-mail message you sent to Governor Leavitt on June 2, 2003. I am the superintendent of the Utah Highway Patrol. The Governor's Office asked me to respond to your concerns.

You are right. Throwing cigarette butts out of car windows is littering and against the law. It not only creates an eyesore, but is especially dangerous because of the fire danger in Utah.

It is hard to catch people doing this, but I assure you that Utah Highway Patrol Troopers do take action against those who litter our highways, including those who throw cigarette butts from car windows.

I will have someone check on the license plate you provided and make a personal phone call to the registered owner. They need to know that someone is watching them.

Thank you for your concern for public safety and our environment.

Colonel Scott T. Duncan
Utah Highway Patrol
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