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In the beginning, I would send a letter quarterly to the Governor of each state with a report on file and sometimes I was lucky enough to get a response, many of which are off-the-subject or canned responses.

Each member of can now print a letter to their Governor and include a list of offenders for the previous month ... the more people that get involved in this the better! It will also allow me to obtain the names of all Governors (I can't keep up with all elections!) as well as addresses and even emails -- so spread the word, start printing and mailing your letters!

Customer Governor Email

3/1/2020 to 3/31/2020

Modify this letter as needed, including adding your name at the end!

  • W

    webberz78 (PA)

    • 26
    • 09
    • 2018

    Bad enough we pollute with driving vehicles to get to our destinations, even worse to see those drivers carelessly throwing items out the windows.

  • A

    alacasse (PA)

    • 20
    • 05
    • 2016

    It's a shame that drivers have no regards for our environment and carelessly litter. I'd like to see law enforcement doing more to stop this.

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