Sample PA Litter LetterThis is a sample of what LitterButt offenders will receive in PA.

The following is the exact letter sent to people you report for littering -- your name is NOT listed! Please note that it takes a while from reporting to sending the letter as there is a time-delay between when we send the reports (every two weeks) and the time it takes to lookup the plates/owners and generate the letter.


City, State, Zip

Vehicle Registration:
Date of Observance:
Road of travel:

Dear Motorist:

The information described above was recently reported to us on the Pennsylvania Litterbug Hotline about your vehicle. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that litter is a serious problem in Pennsylvania, and PENNDOT needs your help to fight litter in Pennsylvania. Through PENNDOT’s efforts to keep Pennsylvania beautiful and informed people like you, we can work to keep our state clean and attractive to visitors and residents.

Randomly discarded trash, even the smallest item such as a cigarette butt, endangers our environment, our wildlife and our economy. Our scenic beauty attracts tourists who put millions of dollars into our economy each year. We can’t afford to have Pennsylvania’s natural beauty spoiled by litter. As Pennsylvania residents, littering in our “own backyard” can decrease property values. Littering can result in costly fines for anti-litter law violators.

Please help prevent litter:
  • Always dispose of your trash in proper receptacle;
  • If you have children, teach them to do the same;
  • Carry a litter bag in your car—and use it;
  • Never throw anything out your window;
  • Always clean up your site after a picnic or other activity;
  • Cover trash receptacles tightly when you put them out for collection;
  • Secure your load if you carry trash or loose material in a truck.
We’re sure you’ll agree that we can’t allow litter to jeopardize property value, public health, tourism or the environment.

Please use the enclosed car litterbag to help keep Pennsylvania clean and beautiful.

Thank you,

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