Doing Your PartWays you can help stop litter and leave the World a little better.

Lobby Your State to Join LitterButt

If your State does not participate with LitterButt then lobby your Governor and Department of Transportation to encourage them to join. LitterButt is a completely free service with all website charges being paid by me ... who can turn down free? In fact, I have a template already designed, detailing the reports submitted for their State. Print this report and send to your Governor each month with your signature ... put it on your calendar right now to remind you and help add another State to this program.

Send LitterButt Letter to my Governor Now

Promote LitterButt on Your Website

Parter with by placing one of the following banners on your web site and link to us! Simply copy and paste the code below to link back to LitterButt and help spread the word.

Not Your Ashtray -

We are making a difference through education, one at a time!

Submit Your State's Litter Laws

Managing this site is a lot of work: adding new content; responding to emails; compiling litter laws; and following elections to know which Governors have changed. It's a big job and I'm asking for your help. Take a few minutes to research your State's Litter Laws and submit them for inclusion in the database.

Submit State Litter Laws

Notify LitterButt of Governor Changes

It happens every few years and I don't have the capacity to follow each election so if you find that when you send a letter to your Governor -- and the name has changed, please let me know.

More importantly, if you find an email address I would like to add that to the system so reports are automatically send to your Governor ... not just to annoy them but to show the vast amounts of litter being reported. Everything comes down to money and you're paying someone to clean that litter up so why not prevent the littering and save some money?

Submit Governor Change

How Can My State Join LitterButt

It's easy to becoming a participating State with -- the State must send a request, in writing and on State letterhead, to along with the responsible party and email to process reports.

Once you are participating, you will receive a list of all reports for your State every two weeks -- all information (except email/name) collected by our reporters throughout the United States. I'll also update my site to verify that your State is participating for our visitors!

Join LitterButt
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