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100,687 Litter Reports | 4,642 LitterButt Members | Participating States: PA, TX & NC

Reporting Litterers

Let people know you caught them littering! If the person resides in one of the participating States (PA, TX and NC), the person reported will receive a letter from the State notifying them they were caught littering and fines for littering, though no fine levied.

If your State does not participate, we'll try to email the Governor and ask them to join each time you report a litterer!

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Litter Fact

Many smokers do not believe that littering their cigarette butts has an environmental impact or is inappropriate behavior.

Call for Litter Photos

I'm finally scheduling some of my free time to upgrade the site and the new home page will feature hi-res photos of litter... so please, contact me and then send in your photos to be featured on the home page.

They don't have to be artistic and I will likely rotate photos as they come in...

Graphic Designer Needed

I'm looking for a graphic designer (or designers) to submit proposed new design for the LitterButt websit to make it more current, easy to expand and visually appealing.

There is also a need to design a few marketing materials including flyers and signs that people can post for us and help increase awareness.

Please email us and submit your idea!

Operation SPLASH - Showing where your garbage goes!

A Wonderful Email from an Offender - Email Him/Her Your Thoughts!

I sincerely appreciate your website providing an outlet for continued government over-spending and waste. I received a "friendly reminder" from my state recently informing me of the expensive cost of cleaning up our highways due to "litterbugs like me." The letter, along with the time to prepare, mail, and enclose the garbage bag, likely cost more than the cost to clean up a cigarette butt dropped on the highway. Good job! You've not only suceeded at increasing government waste, but also have contributed to distracted driving, as someone took the time to write down my license tag as they were driving. As I type this, I see on your website that at the end of the the third year, the Litter Hotline had close to 400 steady callers who reported litterbugs and other problems. That's 400 more drivers just as distracted as those texting, calling, eating, and grooming themselves while driving... 400 more drivers more concerned with what others are doing rather than paying attention to driving.

Ticked Off

09/22/2011 Update

The error in my ways...

Thank you and all of your fellow LitterButt readers for helping me see the error in my ways. I appreciate you posting my email for all to see (after all, you did warn me you would!). In retrospect, I was in the wrong and will in the future ensure I have an appropriate manner to dispose of my smokes. Now, I respectfully request your removal of my email from the main page in your site so I can sort through the rest of my email in peace. Thanks again.

Ticked Off

09/22/2011 Update

Leave the email up. No need to poll your readers/followers to remove. They'll never agree to take it down anyways. I am, however, a bit flattered to have received so much attention.

I would like to say, though, that you're not sticking to your own warning, which says, "I reserve the right to publish your email for everyone to READ should you choose to ignore this." You say nothing about publishing my address for responses. You should reword your warning to include publishing email adresses as well.

I would have been slightly more "constructive" in my wording and not as sarcastic if I had taken the time to think about it before I sent the email. I quite frankly was "ticked off" when I got the letter in the mail. While I do honestly think you are encouraging bad behavior (wasteful spending and distracted driving) by encouraging folks to hold others accountable, I believe holding people accountable is definitely good. I also agree with what I've found on your website, and understand that general education has not worked (and is not working). Obviously, it didn't work with me until someone called me out on the fact.

I remember as a teenager participating in the local street adoption program and being disgusted on clean up day with what people actually threw from their cars. Cigarette butts are no different, and I admit having lost sight of this.

Remove my email if you wish... leave it up if you wish. Not sure what else to tell you, other than I'd love to move on from this. And... most ironic of it all... the day I got the letter was my scheduled "QUIT DAY."

Ticked Off

New: "Don't Be A LitterButt" Car Magnets

Stickers sold out quickly and I'm happy to announce that we have car magnets, getting the word out without damaging your car! These magents are 4" x 6" wide and high-quality vinyl.

Don't be a LitterButt - report highway litterers magnet.

The cost is just $6.00 USD including shipping within the US - Buy LitterButt Magnets using PayPal!

So What If I Throw My Butts on the Ground? They're Biodegradable, Right?

WRONG!! If you throw your cigarette butts on the ground, they eventually find their way to the ocean and other water sheds and YOU are contributing to the most commonly found man-made waste that originates from land! "The Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental organization based in Washington, D.C., compiled the results of a shoreline cleanup day conducted by volunteers last year in 68 countries. It covered a combined 34,000 miles of shoreline and collected 7 million pounds of litter, 80 percent of which had been washed from land into the water. Of the 7.7 million items of debris collected worldwide in 2006, cigarettes and cigarette butts accounted for roughly 1.9 million, the sixth consecutive year they have topped the list.

"People think they are biodegradable," said Kathryn Novak, coordinator for the Florida branch of the Ocean Conservancy. They're not, so think before flicking that cigarette butt out the car window."

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Apartment fire started by house sitter

A man house sitting a Lincoln Road apartment left $50,000 in damages after a carelessly tossed cigarette caused a balcony fire. Waterloo firefighters were called just after 1 a.m. Saturday morning to a high rise building at 130 Lincoln Rd. where a ninth floor apartment balcony was fully engulfed in

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Lit cigarette butt could have caused apartment fire

OVER €30,000 worth of damage was caused to an apartment block in Larnaca yesterday from a fire which started in an armchair in the reception area. A lit cigarette butt was reportedly to blame. “There was an armchair in the reception area, which everyone had access to,” said the head

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Dry, Warm Weather Sparks Brush Fire Concerns

Lack of snow pack and "ridiculously warm temperatures for this early in the season" have Merrimack and state fire officials concerned about the potential for a busy brush fire season, Fire Marshal Capt. John Manuele said Thursday. Manuele said the department in the last few weeks has already responded to

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Video shows butts outside hospital

Get that butt out of here. A YouTube video shows a massive amount of cigarette butts across the street from ProMedica Toledo Hospital is gaining some attention. ProMedica has a non-smoking policy on campus. Since 2008, workers have been forced to take their breaks elsewhere. In the video it shows

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Students clean up Pensacola Beach today

About a dozen local students and the Escambia County Health Department showed up to have a cigarette-butt cleanup on Pensacola Beach today. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., cigarette butts and other litter will be collected, beginning on Casino Beach.

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